Choosing and Brewing the Best Green Tea for Your Enjoyment


Green tea is quickly becoming one of the most popular drinks in America today, and for good reasons. The best green tea is known far and wide for its taste and health benefits, which include aiding weight loss, reducing cancer risks, and adding more antioxidants to your diet.

But choosing the best green tea is something of challenge, especially for those who are new to the green tea world. Below you will find several examples of the best green tea available on the market today, and some great ways to brew the leaves to bring out the entire wonderful flavor.

One of the most popular types of green tea is called Sencha green tea. This is perhaps the best green tea to have as an introduction to the green tea family, as it is a very economical choice, and the taste is one of the most recognizable of the green teas for sale.

Another choice that is considered to be one of the best green teas on the market today is that of Kabusecha. Taken from the first and finest harvest, it remains a favorite with many customers worldwide. It has a grassy aroma that is considered a signature scent of the best green tea.

A third choice for a Japanese green tea is that of Myou-Kou, which is a deep steamed green tea. Unlike lighter green teas, this tea has a thicker, bolder flavor, and is considered by many to be the most unique and best green tea available.

Brewing Your Cup of Green Tea

As any fan of green tea will tell you, half the enjoyment of the best green tea is how it is brewed. Since it is such an unfermented tea, unlike your normal oolong and black teas, the method of brewing the green tea is a little different.

The thing to remember about brewing the best green tea is that the tea leaves need room to expand and impart their health benefits to the water that they are being infused in. Therefore, anything like tea bags or tea balls can hinder the flavor of the resultant tea. So best way to brew a green tea is to allow the tea leaves to sit loose in the water and steep for a few minutes, and then strain and desired.

In the end, the best green tea is truly a matter of taste and preference. The best suggestion is to try a number of different types and see if you can find a favorite.

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